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Hello everybody!

Well this is supposed to be a social media platform, so I thought that opening a conversation would be an idea. I know most of the members so far, and most are regulars on the Naughty Step. For those who don't know me, I'm a cabaret artiste down in the deep south-west (Cornwall), and also co-host the weekly FB event for the Absinthe Affair.

Looking forward to keeping in touch on here, plus seeing what folk are getting up to.

All the best!

Dani XXX

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Adding Content

The Profile Page acts as a directory of material you have added to the network. To add material use the menu bar above right. For example - To add a blog post. Click Blog on the menu bar and then on the + symbol in the upper right of the page which opens. Once you have added a blog post in this way it will appear via your profile page. You can also enter images into the Gallery by clicking on the button and using the + symbol on the page which will open. Pictures featured in your standard posts will not be entered into The Gallery.

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